Do you win the three most easily misled facial cleansers?

2023-02-10 17:46

Faced with more and more facial cleansers on the market, I wonder if you are often "helpless" like Xiaobian! Do you want to follow the recommendation of the online red blogger or listen to the recommendation of the shopping guide? In fact, the best way is to study and plant grass by yourself, so as to buy the most suitable facial cleanser for your skin. For Xiaobian, who used to call his skin "a rough man", he can't help buying and using it blindly, which leads to sensitive skin now! So I summarized a history of blood and tears. If you want to change facial cleanser in the near future, you might as well look down first to avoid these thunder!

First of all, the common cleansing ingredients of facial cleansers on the market can be divided into three categories, namely, soap-based facial cleanser, amino acid facial cleanser and glucoside facial cleanser. No matter what kind of skin you are, the ingredients of facial cleanser must be as mild as possible. Only mild cleaning is a scientific way of skin care!

Of these three ingredients, the strongest is soap base, the second is amino acid, and the mildest is glucoside. So the soap base in the facial cleanser is the thunder we need to avoid. Because this kind of facial cleanser will make your skin clean too much, it will wipe away all the moisture and oil in the skin at once, resulting in a temporary lack of water and oil in the skin. Over time, it may also make your skin appear skin peeling, capillaries expand and skin turns red! So hurry to look down with Xiaobian. What are the most popular soap based facial cleansers on the market?

The first: Huayin facial cleanser!

This one sells well, and some partners may have used it, but the ingredients in the vegetable are obviously soap based! If you have to pretend to print the oversized "amino acid" logo on the package, it is simply misleading a lot of small partners!

The second: Thai milk cleanser!

This one is also recommended by many bloggers. The label is generally "price of cabbage, big branch", "how to use it is not painful" and so on. It is also advertised as amino acid facial cleanser, which is really frustrating. In fact, it is also a big soap base, which is very irritating to skin!

The third: Jiyan Moisturizing Cleanser!

This promotion is to remove blackheads and have moisturizing effect for up to 24 hours. However, the actual experience is only dry and tight, which is the heavy minefield of sensitive muscles! The proper soap base cleanser!

The above three are the lightning protection cleanser summarized by Xiao Bian. It can be seen that we should not be confused by the outer packaging when shopping. We must clearly understand what the ingredients in the packaging are, so that we can choose the most suitable cleanser with less thunder in the choice of skin care!

Welcome to pay attention to Xiaobian, who will bring you relevant skin care and makeup knowledge from time to time!