What plastic is good for producing cosmetics hose?

2023-02-10 17:46

Since the birth of plastic cosmetic hose, with the continuous progress of polymer material technology, various plastic cosmetic hose with different physical and chemical properties have also been applied. However, rich choices are sometimes not a good thing for manufacturers, or it is not easy. How to make a correct choice of plastic cosmetic hose needs to consider many factors.

Plastic cosmetic hose is a kind of packaging material related to people's health and safety. For plastic cosmetic hose, the following requirements must be met.

1. It is safe and will not endanger human health and release harmful substances,

2. The contents and the cosmetics hose cannot be dissolved with each other, especially some cosmetics products containing liquid ingredients. Plastic cosmetic hoses are not compatible with certain liquids,

3. The price cost of plastic cosmetic hose packaging should not be too high, otherwise it is not conducive to the price of cosmetics being more people-friendly, and it will also make cosmetics manufacturers have pricing difficulties and lose their due advantages in market competition.

So, what kind of plastic cosmetic hose is better on the market at present? First of all, plastic cosmetic hose, transparent and stable, is the most widely used packaging material for various liquid cosmetics. Secondly, PET plastic cosmetic hose is mainly used for the packaging of solid or powdered cosmetics, which is also commonly used in the market. Finally, plastic cosmetics hose packaging is more suitable for cream cosmetics packaging.

For these plastic cosmetics hose materials, there will be more in the future to meet the needs of different markets.