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The intimate bus for summer skin care

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The intimate bus for summer skin care

 (1) Focus on cleansing the skin

   Sweating in summer is certainly a good way of detoxification, which can accelerate the metabolic cycle and help detoxify. But sweating can also clog your pores. When the body is hot, sweat glands and sebaceous glands secrete together. After sweat is evaporated, what remains is grease and dirt in the air. These things are closer to your pores because of your sticky skin. Make the skin unable to breathe, so small acne appears, so the focus of summer skin care is to clean the skin.

         Reminder: skin care and skin care, cleanliness is the king, otherwise no matter how many luxury products are used, it will treat the symptoms rather than the root cause!

  (2) The skin needs to cool down

   In the summer sun, it is like taking a sauna to make people sweat straight. The skin keeps oily and sweat keeps flowing. The big acne on the forehead and the black head on the nose are a strawberry. Therefore, the summer skin care cooling is also the focus.

   Cooling Tips

   1. You can carry the spray with you to cool down. It can not only moisturize the skin, but also soothe the temperature, but remember not to let the remaining moisture on the face evaporate naturally. This will take away the moisture from the skin and make the skin more prone to dryness.

   2. After exposure to the sun, ice film can also be used for emergency cooling. It can instantly replenish the skin with a lot of water, and it can also play a role in repairing after sun.

       Reminder: The skin is also afraid of heat!

   (3) Tips for skin detoxification

  Summer is the best time for skin detoxification. The sultry weather can already play a detoxification effect. Coupled with some of my own detox tips, I believe that this summer will give your skin a thorough detox enjoyment.

   1. Drinking water to detoxify

   A cup of 250cc of warm water every morning is indispensable. Make sure to drink about 2000cc of water every day. Drink it in divided doses without having to drink it all at once. Use a lot of water to flush toxins out of the body. Most of the human body is water.

   2. Bathing detox method

  A bath can help blood circulation and stimulate perspiration. When taking a bath, the water temperature should be maintained at 38-40 degrees, not too high, and the bath should not be exceeded for 20-25 minutes to avoid loss of skin moisture. Taking a bath can not only detoxify but also relieve stress.

  3. Fruit and vegetable detox method

   Supplement a large amount of high-fiber fruits and vegetables to promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and prevent stool from accumulating in the stomach. There are many toxins in these excrements, which must be discharged as soon as possible to avoid repeated absorption. In severe cases, it may cause colorectal cancer, rectal cancer and other problems. Eating fruits and vegetables can not only detoxify, but also help replenish the nutritional vitamins in the body.

   4. Exercise detox method

   Exercise is good for the body, but remember to do aerobic exercise to detoxify, 3 times a week, at least half an hour each time, whether it is running, playing ball, or swimming. Focus on the sports you like. Exercise can not only detoxify, but also help to consume fat, lose weight and be healthy!

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