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3 facial cleansers that are most easily misled by the packaging, have you hit them?

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In the face of more and more facial cleansers on the market, I wonder if you are as often "no way to start" as the editor! Do you want to follow the recommendations of Internet celebrity bloggers to buy and buy, or to listen to the recommendations of shopping guides? In fact, the best way is to research and plant grass by yourself, so that you can buy the most suitable facial cleanser for your skin type. For the editor, who once called himself a "rough man", he can't help buying and using it indiscriminately, resulting in sensitive skin now! So I summarized a history of blood and tears. If you want to change your facial cleanser in the near future, you might as well look down and avoid these thunders!

  First of all, the common cleansing ingredients on the market can be roughly divided into three categories, namely soap-based facial cleansing, amino acid facial cleansing, and glucoside facial cleansing. Regardless of your skin type, the ingredients of the facial cleanser must be as gentle as possible. Only gentle cleansing is the scientific way of skin care!

Among these three types of ingredients, the strongest cleaning power is the soap base, the second amino acid, and the mildest glucoside. Therefore, the soap-based ingredients in the facial cleanser are the thunder we need to avoid. Because this kind of facial cleanser will over-clean your skin, it will wipe off all the moisture in the skin and the oil that protects the skin at a time, causing the skin to be short of water and oil. Over time, it can also make your skin appear skin-like. Skin, telangiectasia, skin redness, etc.! So hurry up and look down with the editor. Which ones are popular on the market but are soap-based facial cleansers?

The first one: Huayin facial cleanser!

This one sells well, and some friends may have used it before, but the ingredients in the element are obviously soap-based! The oversized "amino acid" logo must be printed on the packaging, which is simply misleading all the friends!

The second one: Thai milk facial cleanser!

This one is also recommended by many bloggers. The label is generally "cabbage price, large branch", "It doesn't hurt to use it" and so on. It also advertises amino acid cleansing, which is really heart-stirring. In fact, you can know the ingredients after checking. It is also a large soap base, which is very irritating to the skin!

The third branch: Hadalabo Moisturizing Cleanser!

This propaganda is that it can remove blackheads and has a moisturizing effect for up to 24 hours. But the actual feeling of exhaustion is only dry and tight, which is a heavy minefield for sensitive muscles! Proper soap-based cleansing!

The above three are the lightning-proof facial cleansers summarized by the editor. It can be seen that when we buy, we should not be confused by the outer packaging. We must clearly understand what the ingredients are in the packaging, so that we can avoid stepping on skin care choices. Ray, choose the cleanser that suits you best!

Welcome to follow the editor, the editor will bring you relevant skin care and makeup knowledge from time to time!

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