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The difference between double-layer and five-layer plastic hoses and reinforced composite aluminum-plastic pipes

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The hose is divided into double-layer, five-layer plastic hose, and reinforced composite aluminum-plastic pipe, which are different in terms of pressure resistance, anti-permeability and hand feel. For example, the five-layer tube consists of an outer layer, an inner layer, and two adhesive layers. Another barrier layer. Features: It has excellent gas barrier properties, which can effectively prevent the infiltration of oxygen and peculiar gas, and prevent the leakage of the fragrance and effective ingredients of the contents. Reinforced composite aluminum-plastic pipe, such as outer plastic, inner metal aluminum sheet, two adhesive layers, and another barrier layer. Features: strong and tough materials, reasonable structure, thicker, solid, and greatly improved compression resistance, Resistance to cold and heat.

2. The hose caliber is from 16 tubes to 60 tubes. When a certain caliber hose is selected, different lengths are used to indicate different capacity characteristics. The capacity can be adjusted from 3ml to 400ml. For aesthetics and coordination, 60ml or less Commonly used calibers below 35 tubes, 100ml, 150ml usually use 35-45 tube calibers, 150ml or more capacity requires 45 tubes or more caliber.

3. In terms of technology, it is divided into round tube, oval tube, flat tube and flat tube. Flat tubes and flat tubes are more complex than other tubes. They are also new types of tubes released in recent years, so their prices are correspondingly more expensive.

4. Hose caps have various shapes, generally divided into flat caps, round caps, high caps, flip caps, flat caps, double-layer caps, spherical caps, lipstick caps, and plastic caps can also be processed in a variety of processes, with bronzing. , Silver rim, colored cap, transparent, oil spray, electroplating, etc., pointed mouth caps and lipstick caps are usually equipped with inner plugs. The hose caps are injection molded products, and the hoses are drawn tubes. Boya produces caps in its own workshop, and most hose manufacturers do not produce hose caps themselves.

5. Some products need to be filled before they are sealed. Generally, they are closed. Sealing can be divided into: straight pattern sealing, diagonal pattern sealing, umbrella sealing, star point sealing, special-shaped sealing. When sealing, the required date code or LOGO can be pressed at the sealing position.

6. The hose can be made of colored tubes, transparent tubes, colored or transparent frosted, pearlescent tubes, and there are matte and bright points. The matte looks elegant but easy to get dirty. The difference between colored tubes and large-area printing on the tube body can be Judging from the interface of the left or right bleeding position, if there is a large-area printing tube with overlapping color bars at the interface, the ink required is high, otherwise it is easy to fall off and will crack and expose white marks after being folded.

7. The tube body can be used for 6-color offset printing, 6-color screen printing, flexo printing, and labeling. Individual manufacturers have thermal transfer equipment and technology. The effect of bronzing, silver and silk printing is better, and the flexo printing effect is more realistic!

There are mainly white tubes, pearlescent white tubes, color tubes, transparent tubes, glow tubes, etc.; the craftsmanship includes bright, frosted, bronzing, hot silver, offset printing, silk screen printing; lids with gilt edges, silver edges, gold-plated, silver-plated, etc.;

     ¢16.19 Tube diameter series hoses are suitable for the packaging of eye creams, lip balm and other cosmetics, or eye creams and other creams. The series of hoses are small and exquisite, and are often used as gifts or trial products. Customers can choose white Tube, color tube, pearl tube, transparent tube and other styles.

     ¢22, 25 pipe diameter series hoses are generally suitable for the packaging of cosmetic products such as sunscreen, skin cream, essence, liquid foundation, lotion, etc. The series of hoses are more exquisite and can be used as gifts or trial products.

    ¢30 and 35 pipe diameter series hoses are more suitable for packaging cosmetic products such as sunscreen, cleanser, skin cream, liquid foundation, hand cream, etc. The capacity of this series of hoses is moderate.

    ¢40 and 45 pipe diameter series hoses are generally suitable for packaging products such as facial cleanser, facial mask, lubricating oil, hand sanitizer and so on.

    ¢50, 55, 60 pipe diameter series hoses are more suitable for packaging products such as ointment, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, massage cream, etc.

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