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Arc sealed round tube

1. After acknowledging the packaging material project, the company's marketing department or business department will be responsible for communication with customers and market research. The marketing department releases new packaging development manuals according to customer requirements.

Provide relevant development projects, relevant samples or appearance drawings provided by customers.

2. In order to obtain such instructions, it is very important for engineers to check the development specifications in the early stage. Careful evaluation in the early stage can prevent and prevent many unnecessary troubles in the later stage, and plays a decisive effect on the smooth development of new products.

3. After the review is completed, develop a development plan and progress control, including drawing planning, prototype production, mold making, mold testing, mold revision, improvement, production specifications, QC specifications, and production sample approval, etc., and follow up from the beginning to the details Organize at the moment of completion.

4. Product structure planning mainly has two modules. Carry out appearance 3D modeling according to requirements, and make appearance templates according to requirements. After the appearance is recognized, the internal structure is planned, and the order of the two steps cannot be reversed. From outside to inside.

The structural planning of packaging materials needs to be reviewed. Due to the limitations of human ability and thinking, the planned product structure may not meet the requirements, so teamwork is very important.

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Set design and development, mold manufacturing, production and marketing in one, plastic hose and other new packaging products as the leading

Set design, development, mold manufacturing, production and marketing into an organic whole, in carton packaging, new packaging such as plastic hose series products as the leading factor

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Shiling Town, Huadu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province